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We’ve come a long way in the last 30 years… what used to take up a football sized room in the way of computing power is now outclassed by the computing power you can hold in the palm of your hand – in terms of speed, memory, and storage space.

A lot of that increase in power was really needed… for anybody that struggled with large Lotus 1-2-3 or Dbase III applications, or had to view CGA graphics knows what I mean, but there comes a point where it starts to become overkill.  We apparently have reached that point.  High end desktops don’t offer a lot of people anything they need they can’t get from a tablet.  That isn’t true of everybody, content producers – the ones that make and manipulate all those pretty pictures, write the neat programs, or design the next generation of anything still need as much computing power as they can get their hands on.  For everybody else – who send e-mail, browse the web, or otherwise want to stay in touch, having a vastly portable device is more important.

There still is the problem of the human interface with the device – you can’t read an e-book on a three inch screen for example, or type out a letter (texting doesn’t count) on a numeric keypad, but the tradeoffs between power and size are becoming apparent.

This wasn’t true when the average laptop weighed up to twenty pounds.

And time marches on.  I wonder what it is going to look like in 2020?

If the slideshow is not readable on your monitor, you can download the PDF: Where We Have Been and Where We Are

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