Our speaker at the May meeting was Linda Boyatzies, who gave a demonstration of Lumosity, a website full of games for brain training.

Lumosity allows you to work on improving various mental abilities such as Memory, Attention, Speed, Flexibility, and Problem solving. There are three levels of accounts, Free, which has limited games and stats, and a one visit a day limitation, paid plan which runs $14.95 a month or has a yearly option of $6.95 a month, and a family plan. (Note from Brian: There appears to be a lot of negative feedback about how the family plan works and is charged)

Linda showed us a number of games, some of which appeared to be relatively easy, others, well… I’d need some practice on.

The first was a game to improve multitasking ability. If a number flashed in the top section, you had to determine if it was odd or even, if a letter flashed in the bottom section, you had to determine if it was a consonant or a vowel. And of course the faster you did it, the better your score.

There was another game where you had to determine the path of a ball hitting a set of bumpers on a grid. As the game progressed they added more bumpers, and then they flashed them on the screen then made them invisible, making determining the path of the ball more challenging.

There was one where you had to remember the names of people by connecting them to their faces in a restaurant setting, and when you played the game over days, you had to remember people you had seen the day before. For me, who sometimes wonders what the name of the person I am staring at in the mirror is, this one proved very challenging.

Then there was the game where they flashed a number in the center of the screen, and a picture of a bird somewhere towards the edge. You had to click on the screen where you saw the bird (for what at the end, was an incredibly brief period of time, don’t blink), and then type in the number.

Linda demonstrated her bravery by playing these games in front of a room full of people, who frankly were impressed with how much better she could do it than we probably could.

Thanks Linda for the fun topic!

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