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Places to Buy Stuff 😉
PCMall Mail Order Computer Products

Er, you are figuring this one out by now, right? 😛

Tiger Direct also owns the brand names for CompUSA and Circuit City, so you are actually buying from them no matter which site you go to.


Most of the items I buy are either from these people, Tiger Direct, or PC Mall.  You ought to comparison price between at least these three if you are making a large purchase.


Yes, you are going to be shocked, simply shocked to find out you can buy stuff here.


 Here too.  Comparison shopping is always a good thing…


 I have to include them for completeness, but frankly I don’t use them as a source unless I can’t find what I need anywhere else first.  That said, I do end up using them from time to time just to pick up relatively obscure parts I need.

 MacMall  For when you need something from the dark side…

 These guys are a really good and cheap 3rd party resource for Mac Parts


Other Stuff

This is a compilation of sites broken down into various catagories.  Pretty nifty actually, you can waste a lot of time here.

 RRRecord  The Northern Neck’s own!

Word Perfect (Remember them?) Paintshop, Winzip


They make some kind of software as I recall.  I forget what exactly.


Feeling Lucky?


Organization Behind the Free Software Movement


This is a really useful and interesting site for techy type things.  Be sure to check it out.


The go to place if you want the latest news from the World of 3D Printing


FREE Stuff

Open Source Office software Suite


 Free file compression/decompression


The most expensive free software you will ever download (seriously, the software is free, the hobby, when you get into it, can get very expensive, but it’s a lot of fun to play with)


Of course there is no such thing as only one Linux Distro… This is a link to a page that picks out the best of them by purpose and gives you links to those pages.