Gabe Goldberg’s Favorite Web Sites

Gabe Goldburg, our APCUG Adviser, gave the presentation at the August meeting on his Favorite Websites. As you know, there are billions and billions (probably an understatement) of websites out there, and having a list of useful ones, can be, well, useful.

Gabe demonstrated a number of the sites on his list – time constraints did not allow visiting all of them. He started with the APCUG site itself, and discussed the advantages of the club being a member. From there he went on to places like Snopes for Fact checking, the New York Times site for news, and the Onion for everything not exactly news.

He also demonstrated some TV listing sites, there was a discussion of Netflix, and the Verizon throttling thereof we are familiar with, and he demonstrated how to determine your Internet Speed on Speed Test. The full list of his favorite sites are below, why not take the time to check out the ones that look interesting to you.




Amazon affiliate store — Benefits non-profit organizations

Dealigg — Social bargain hunting

APCUG — Association of Personal Computer User Groups; facilitates communication among user groups, user community, vendors, etc.

Google — A friendly place which answers your questions

Google Maps — Find businesses, addresses and places of interest

Wikipedia — The free encyclopedia that anyone can edit

Snopes— Urban legends reference pages

IMDB — The Internet Movie Database

Netflix — Movies by mail or streaming to computer or TV, NO late fees (fee/password)

New York Times — The New York Times — breaking news, etc. (Password/Subscribe)

Washington Post — The Washington Post – nation, world, technology, etc. (Password/Subscribe)

BBC — BBC News front page (Subscribe)

Newseum — Museum of news; the world’s most interactive museum

Zap2It — TV listings, TV ratings, TV news, etc. (Password)

TV Guide — TV Guide, TV Listings, online videos, etc. (Password) — National and local weather forecast, etc.

Firefox add-ons — Make Firefox browser sing and dance to your tunes

Thunderbird add-ons — And tweak Thunderbird email client too

MakeUseOf — Tutorials and how-to guides

CNET — Product reviews and prices, software downloads, and tech news

Infopackets — headline news based on MS Windows, Internet, and technology trends

Tom’s Hardware — hardware/software reviews, reference, more

AnandTech — hardware/software reviews, reference, more

Belarc — Belarc Advisor: Free Personal PC Audit

Secunia — Secunia Software Inspectors

Reference Desk — Fact checker for the Internet

YouTube — Broadcast yourself

FedEx — Shipping, logistics management, etc.

PCWorld article — Remote system access for service or training

Lynda — Infinite (by bargain subscription) training

Speed test — Turbo-charge your Internet and PC performance

Flight Stats and FlightAware — Track flight status, airport delays, etc.

NPR — National Public Radio: news & analysis, etc.

Free AnnualCredit Report — Request free annual credit reports

Interstate Highways — Guides for all interstate highways

Virginia Festival of the Book — Every year!

The Onion — “America’s finest news source”

LOL Cats — Pets, funny cat pictures, etc. (Subscribe) — The customer is NOT always right (Subscribe)

XKCD — science, math, social, technology comic

(c) 2014 Gabriel Goldberg — Gabe’s LinkedIn profile — Email gabe at gabegold dot com

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