We already have a tablets SIG (another reason for changing that paragraph in the bylaws,  Rob has also suggested starting a Makers Group (you can read about those here: http://makezine.com/maker-community-groups/ )  which sounds like a good idea to me, particularly if we can get a group of younger people involved.

What other groups do you think might be helpful?  Keep in mind, with any group, we will need a place to hold the meetings, and someone to lead the group.

4 thoughts on What Special Interest Groups should we add?

  1. I have seen a mention about Linux on here. I have a fair amount of Linux experience, both in server and desktop platforms. Maybe a Linux Users Group? I would be glad to be a part of that group, even lead it. As far as meeting place, I’m thinking the Library in Kilmarnock has spaces for Non-Profit meetings that they would allow without charge. I can verify though.


    1. The Lancaster Community Library and the NNCUG have a close working relationship. Currenttly the Tablet and the Photo SIG’s meet there.

      Unfortunately, the Internet access is a bit erratic in their Community Room. (The library does have an “extender” that helps.)

  2. Dick Rounds is really into Linux and would probably be interested in talking about it with you. I am a little familiar with it, but haven’t had the time to explore it. The website of course is on a Linux Server, it’s a VPS account I administer with WHM. We do have root access to it, since it is a managed box I haven’t had need to use it.

  3. Let the members choose to set up a provisional SIG on a given topic. Let them organize it, run it, and get publicity assistance from the NNCUG. If there is sufficient interest in the SIG, the NNCUG could formally recognize and support it as an official SIG. This is the way that the Tablet SIG got started – largely through member initiative and support.

    After a trial period, to be determined by the Officers, a decision to formally recognize could be reached by the Board. At this point any special equipment/software/other support requested by the SIG could be considered. For example, the Genealogy SIG leader prefers to use her own laptop for presentations and to use the NNCUG projector.

    In other words, let the subject of a SIG be member driven, with NNCUG support being provided to those SIGs that prove viable after a reasonable period of time

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