Monthly meetings are well attended and everybody seems to enjoy them.  We did have to cancel the last one due to Westminster Canterbury needing the room for services.  Is it time to look for an alternate place?  Anyway, put any suggestions you have as to the meeting place, content, or format of the meetings here.

One thought on What changes should be made to the general meetings?

  1. I believe that cancellation of the January 2014 Membership Meeting by RW-C is a very rare event, and not a reason to change the site of the Membership Meetings. I do not think it is time to move the meeting site. RW-C does support the NNCUG, and a portion of our membership does come from that community.

    Content and format of the Membership meeting does seem to work. Some meetings are better attended than others. This may be affected by the topic of the presentation and the degree of the publicity provided.

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