Except for the monthly Newsletter updates and meeting announcements the website has been rather neglected mainly because I am the only one maintaining it and frankly other club issues have taken up all my available free time.  Which is why I am not standing for Vice President again this year, I’d like to devote the time to improving the site.  I’d also like to get other people involved in the process, particularly the SIGS, posting to a WordPress Website is pretty easy, that’s the whole point of it, and I have some tools now that make it even easier.

Use has been pretty dismal, one of the reasons I went with WordPress is I can easily obtain usage data, and here it is for the last year:


As you can see it is tapering off.

Visually I think some changes are needed:

  1. I need to pick a responsive theme so the site shows up well on tablets and handheld devices
  2. We need a less dark theme that is easier to read
  3. The print needs to be larger
  4. I need to get some constant updates, preferably relevant RSS fees that update themselves for industry news.  In other words, I need to make this place a portal
  5. I need to get the original nncug.org URL pointed here – that site no longer exists, but the URL is pointing to nowhere.  Since we still do not control that, it is going to take some doing.

Anything else come to mind?

One thought on Suggested changes for website

  1. I recently received a suggestion to list the SIG Meeting schedules on the Web site. I would further the suggestion to include the topic of a given meeting if it is know. The Membership Meeting announcement at the top right hand of the first page is a good model. Apparently, the original suggester did not go further into the web site and read the newsletter where this information is presented.

    The APCUG sends out a collection of technical articles assembled by Judy Taylour. She writes a brief summary of each article. I suggest that the NNCUG explore posting the articles in a staggered fashion (she sends out batches on an average of every two months), and perhaps use her write-ups as a summary for each batch posted. This would give some new content to the web site on a reoccurring basis. Only a few of the articles are used for the Computer Link.

    The Board of Directors may want to consider allowing a small ad (such as a business card size) to be placed on the web site from professional businesses or their owners who are members of the NNCUG. This is currently done on Page 6 of the Computer Link. Space is at a premium in the newsletter, and the web site would be allow greater space. The rules for this type of posting would have to be carefully defined and the terms of placing such ads would have to be adhered to by the posters. It should be made clear that any such postings are a courtesy extended by the NNCUG, and NOT an entitlement of membership

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