The bylaws call for the monthly dissemination of information.   This doesn’t have to be in written form, though we do have members who have requested that it be delivered that way.  Currently (and for a long time) we have published the Computer link, which is composed in Microsoft Publisher, and has has a long line of editors culminating in Bruce Mc Millian, who has told us his last issue will be the March 1 2014 one.

Despite about six months of notice, nobody has stepped forward to take over, and the newsletter is not magically going to create itself.

Even if it done through the website, there is a certain amount of time consuming activity that will have to take place on a monthly basis, and the website does not get all that much use as of yet.  In addition, the printed versions serve as one of our few forms of publicity (the other is the public service announcements we have done by five local organizations), and we would need to explore other avenues for that.

The floor is open for suggestions (or a volunteer he suggested hopefully)

7 thoughts on How do we disseminate information if nobody wants to edit a newsletter?

  1. Hi, I have been trying to contact someone regarding joining the club, or at least coming to a meeting to see how it is. I work in the IT field and I’ve been interested in joining a group like this for a while. I work in the Northern Neck as an IT specialist. I’m also interested in working on the newsletter. I have graphic design experience as well. Feel free to contact me about volunteering to write the newsletter. Thanks!


    1. Thanks Waldo, I will. We do meet monthly, last month we had a last minute cancellation on the room. We have been meeting there for years now, that is the first time they had to cancel on us completely, they usually have an alternate space. We have also met at the library before, and probably ought to schedule some of the meetings there. I’ll be in touch by e-mail.

      -Brian Riley

      1. Brian,

        Thanks for your reply, I replied to your second email but for some reason, it looks like it was quarantined.
        Not sure what that is about. I’m using Apple’s Weird.

  2. Shift emphasis of dissemination of monthly news to the Web site. After initial conversion, send a reminder every few months to check the web site for news. If there is something of special importance, such as the Business Meeting of the NNCUG in March, send an all hands “blast e-mail” to alert members.

    As for publicity, explore the cost of an occasional ad in the local newspapers. Probably the Reppahannock Record and Northumberland Echo might be enough. Explore if can get a “public service” announcement from the local radio station(s) about Membership meetings or on occasion the SIGs. Make use of the free community listings in the Rappahannock Record.

    I think the newsletter is still an excellent idea. I agree (as the “retiring editor”) that it does take time to prepare, but does give a unique view of how the NNCUG works. I suspect that NNCUG members see it as a tangible benefit of NNCUG membership.

  3. I did place an ad with RRecord when we had Metrocast come out and speak. It wasn’t expensive, $40 as I recall for two column inches. Not sure what kind of effect it had. We do have public service announcements on the radio stations, I send those out monthly to five outlets (2 Newspaper, 3 Radio) one week before the meeting. We had been doing that two weeks before, and sending occasional write-ups, that I have not had time for.

  4. Why don’t we use Facebook Group pages to improve communications and sharing with the NNCUG members? Separate group pages could be setup for the various interest groups within the NNCUG. We could setup the Facebook group pages so only members would be able to post, non-members would only be able to view and comment. For example, checkout my Virtual Digital Photo Club group page:
    A similar page could easily be setup for the NNCUG photo interest group. There are no costs associated with using Facebook. I have also created a Facebook group page for my homeowner association. If we are looking for new members, Facebook is a great way to promote the various interest groups within the NNCUG.

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