The major task of the Vice President is to locate speakers for the meetings.  With our rural location this can be tough to do.

One of my suggestions is to make each SIG responsible for one presentation a year.

We have another suggestion to change the bylaws to allow us to pay a $50 honorarium for a speaker.  Currently we are barred from paying anything.

We also have been providing free advertising to a number of local businesses on the Computer Link.  I propose a change that would require those businesses to give a presentation once a year on a subject of their choosing which would not directly promote their business (in other words, they are free to mention their business and what they do, that’s the purpose, but the topic should not be a sales pitch)

There also is a suggestion in the Bylaws for forming a committee to locate speakers, but with the level of volunteerism we have a the moment, I don’t see that happening.  Any other thoughts?

2 thoughts on Finding speakers for meetings

  1. Good ideas above to spread the workload. The SIG’s do interesting stuff.

    Look into the APCUG Webinars for possible meeting topics. The sessions are about 45 minutes to an hour. If our meeting place has sufficent “high speed” Internet service to run these sessions, they are archived, and could be shown at the NNCUG Meeting. If topics are selected carefully, there may be individuals in the NNCUG with sufficient subject matter knowledge who would be willing to attend the meeting and answer questions from the audience. Might involve time on the part of the question answerer to look at the Webinar in advance to get an idea of what questions might be asked.

    Check with previous speakers to see if they would be willing to address the NNCUG again. Charlie and Gabe Goldberg are long time favorites.

  2. I have the capability to download video ahead of time, so we would not be dependent on the Internet connection at meeting time. It would require us to have some better audio on hand though, or be better capable of using what RWMC provides.

    Gabe will be down this year, I haven’t been able to reach Charlie. Other people have tried unsuccessfully also.

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