NNCUG has two immediate problems, and two longstanding ones.  The immediate problems are: Our newsletter editor is leaving and nobody is stepping up to replace him, and our VP is not standing for office again in April, though he is willing to serve as at large board member and Webmaster.  (That would be me folks).

In addition, nobody has volunteered for the search committee for next year’s officers for elections in March.

In short, we have a leadership problem.

In the longstanding department, we have a slowly dropping membership, and a growing disconnect between our stated purpose and the reality of computing today.  To whit:

  • Conducting lectures, demonstrations, meetings, and other activities to advance the general interest and knowledge in the use and operation of IBM or IBM compatible computers and as a source of information to the members and the public.

With the maturing of the Internet, and computing technology getting to the point that devices that you wouldn’t call computers even five years ago (Smart Phones for example) are in common use as computing devices, our Purposes and Objectives are sadly in need of updating.  “IBM compatible” simply has no meaning when IBM is no longer even manufacturing Personal Computers.

At this point we clearly need a redefinition of what the club is about that at least includes an emphasis on using the Internet, and mobile devices since for most people, the desktop is pretty much soon going to be pretty dead.

We already have a tablets SIG (another reason for changing that paragraph in the bylaws,  Rob has also suggested starting a Makers Group (you can read about those here: http://makezine.com/maker-community-groups/ )  which sounds like a good idea to me, particularly if we can get a group of younger people involved.

We have also had a number of other suggestions dealing with the sagging membership problem, but none addressing the two immediate issues.

Since this is a multipronged problem, it would probably be easiest to separate it into individual posts, which I am going to do.  The posts are:

Before making suggestions, I would suggest reading the Bylaws and Officers Duties which are posted on this site.  If your suggestion includes changes to those, please quote the relevant section.  Note:  To stop spam, the first comment you make will have to be moderated before it shows.  I will be checking on that at least daily.

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    At the moment, I am just doing this to allow you to let me get in.

    I keep thinking of a couple of things, but also keep forgetting them. I’ll try to leave comments as appropriate in the next day or two


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