August 2013 Newsletter

NL 08-13-FNL

“Telecommunications Srevices From METROCAST”.  Jennifer Nash from Metrocast was our July Membership Meeting speaker.  She discussed the status of Metrocast’s wiring of Northumberland County for high speed Internet service and answered a wide range of Internet service related questions from the audience.  It will be soon!

 “APCUG” Photo/Newsletter/Website Contests NOW OPEN”.  Entry rules are at the APCUG web site.  The closing date for receipt of entries is August 26, 2013.

“Software Office Suites”.  Rob Mink will be discussing paid and freeware computer Office suites at the August 17, Memberrship Meeting.

“What Are File Types?”.  Have you ever tried to open a file on your computer and it wouldn’t do so?  If so, this primer on file types and extensions may be of interest!

“August Photo SIG Meeting”.  The SIG will meet on August 13 at the Lancaster Community Library to explore more about Adobe Photoshop Elements.  Bring your laptop to follow along.  Also bring photos that you wish to share with the group.

“Tablet SIG”.  CANCELED The SIG will meet on August 20 at the Lancaster Community Library to discuss moving photos from a tablet to a computer and vice versa.  CANCELED.

“July 20, 2013 Meeting Notes”.  What happened at the July Membership Meeting.

June 2013 Newsletter

“The Computer and NASA”.  Rrichard Couch, retired Senior Aero Space Technologist describes his 41 plus year career with NASA and the parallel development of computer use in the agency.

“June Photo SIG Meeting”.  The SIG will meet on June 11 at the Lancaster Community Library.  Joe Moeller will demonstrate how to set up cameras to make fireworrrks photos.  Bring your own camera and set it up too!

“Genealogy SIG Meeting Cancelled”.  The Genealogy SIG meeting for June is cancelled due to scheduling conflicts.  The next meeting will be held on July 18.

“New NNCUG Web Site!”  Please take a look at the new NNCUG Web Site at  Brian Riley, NNCUG Vice President and WebMaster is adding new content and tweaking the site.

“Giving Internet TV a Try”.  Pro’s and Con’s of using Internet TV.  Note the cautionary conclusion of this review.

“June Membership Meeting – Hodgepodge of Interesting Computer Stuff in the News”.  Brrian Riley talks about new developments in the computer field.

“Tablet SIG”.  The SIG will meet on June 18 at RW-C to discuss tablet eReaders.  Mary Stewart will lead the discussion.

“May 18, 2013 Meeting Notes”.  What happened at the May Membership Meeting.

NL 06-13-FNL

May 2013 Newsletter

“The NEW NNCUG Website”.  Brian Riley, VP and NNCUG Webmaster, has redesigned the NNCUG website.  He demonstrated it, asked NNCUG members to check it out, and asked for input for further improvements.

“Genealogy SIG Meeting”.  Further exploration of databases at the SIG meeting on May 9 at 12:30 p.m., in the Community Room of the Lancaster Community Library.  Note the new time and new place of this meeting!

“Have you disabled or removed Java from your computer?”.  Should you remove Java from your comuter?  Look at this article and find out!

“May Membership Meeting – Computers Used in NASA Flight Operations”.  Richard Couch, retired Aero Space Technologist for NASA-LaRC, will tell us how computers were used by NASA in ther various flight operations during his 42 year career with NASA.

“If you agree, check the square box!”.  Do NOT check the box in your software updates without knowing what you are getting in to!  One man’s tale.

“Tablet SIG”.  The SIG will meet on May 21 at RW-C to discuss the tricks to synchonize an iPad/iPod to a computer.

“May Photo SIG Meeting”.  The SIG will meet on May 14 at the Lancaster Community Library to learn how to use selection tool in Photoshop Elements to isolate parts of images to take further actions to improve the photo.

“April 20, 2013 Meeting Notes”.  What happened at the April Membership Meeting.

NL 05-13-FNL

April 2013

“Someone Old, Someone New …”.  Results of the NNCUG Officer elections for 2013-2014.  Many familiar faces – some in new places!

“Windows 8 Highlights”.  Rob Mink gives an overview and highlights of the Microsoft Windows 8 operating system.  It is different from earlier Windows products!

“Back to Basics – Please Help Me Learn Windows 8”.  Another, and not particularly happy, view of Windows 8.  The author experiences a learning curve “issue”.

“April Membership Meeting – The New NNCUG Website”.  Brian Riley, who created the new NNCUG web site, will describe it and solict your views on what you want to see on the site.

“Tablet Group Meeting and Survey.  Change in date time and place to talk about tablets.  If you have not responded to the survey seeking information about establishing a Tablet SIG, please do so!

“April Photo SIG Meeting”.  Topic will be layers in Photoshop Elements.  Bring your laptop to the April 9 meeting, and learn to use this corrective and creative tool.

“NNCUG Minutess:  March 16, 2013.”  The official minutes of the annual formal business meeting of the NNCUG.  Officers were elected.

NL 04-13-AFNL

Comic Life 2

Website: Comic Life 2

Free trial: 30 days, full functionality

Price: $29.99 Mac or Windows.

The purpose of this program is to allow you to add text, word art, or dialogue to your pictures.  It can be used for a number of purposes including putting together comics, instructional manuals, l0l-catz type pictures, or organized photo albums.

The program is exceptionally quick and easy to learn, you should be able to be productive with it the first day.

For the price and purpose, there really isn’t anything else out there quite like it.