What To Do With Smart Phones/Tablets

Presented by: BJ Thomas McMillan Date: June 20, 2015

What To Do With Smart Phones/Tablets – Besides Email, Books, Photos, and Music

  • This is just an Overview – designed to simply show the various uses being created for Tablets and SmartPhones.
    • I will also NOT show you details of how to use these various
  • Focus on functions/applications/programs that cannot easily be duplicated, or would not be as useful, in a desktop or laptop.
  • Some require Internet access – others can be used off-line.
  • Some come pre-installed on SmartPhones/Tablets. Most require you to download and install an
  • Some work better on SmartPhones/iPods – while others work better on the bigger screens of
  • Some apps require Location Services to be on. Be aware that this will RUN DOWN YOUR BATTERY
  • Some apps mentioned below could not be found by searching directly in the Apple Store. Instead, I had to find the app on its own website, which then redirected me to the Apple Store for
  • Some categories of apps lend themselves in particular to use on SmartPhones/Tablets. Examples are

Maps/Navigation, Weather, Travel, Health and Shopping.

  • And then there are various miscellaneous apps/uses.


Basically, all your organizers – Calendar/Schedulers Reminders – ToDo Lists (show iPad one) Notes – make lists – for groceries, meds, etc.
Many of these functions were found in the original Palm devices.


Keep track of vital stats – heart beat, blood sugar, etc.

  • Instant Heart Rate (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android; free).

Place your finger over the LED camera, and in 10 seconds you’ll know how fast your heart is beating — no external hardware needed.

Keep track of symptoms

  • Zyrtec AllergyCast – allergy and weather forecasts and alerts, track


  • WebMD Allergy (but I could not find it on Apple Store – and couldn’t get it to download from WebMD )

Exercise companions and trackers

  • Breathe2Relax – tutorial and exercises in deep breathing


  • FitBit – and others
  • PaceDJ – matches music from your library to the Beats Per Minute of your workout
  • Charity Miles – uses GPS to track walking/running miles; pays 25 cents/mile to choice of 31 charities (sponsored by corporations)

Track calorie intake

  • MyFitnessPal

Track food intake as well as weight loss progress. Enter goal weight, date of birth, current weight, gender, height, and activity level and MyFitnessPal calculates the amount of calories – as well as how much fat, cholesterol, sodium, carbohydrates and protein – you need daily.

Graphs show your weekly calorie intake and your current progress. BUT – entry of food intake takes time; can also enter by scanning bar codes.

  • Fooducate

Scan barcodes from food products to gather vital information about calories, fat content and nutrient content. Gives an actual grade (A, B+, D, etc.) for each food item, with alerts as to what the pros and cons are of that particular food.

Overall Tracker

  • My Health – Keeps track of blood pressure, medications, glucose levels, nutrition, exercise,



  • Google Maps! This one comes pre-installed on your iPad, and it just so happens to be one of the best travel apps available. Google Maps will not only help you get around the new location, but you can also find anything from restaurants to grocery stores to nearby gas


  • iTranslate – Sometime, the quickest way to get to the closest bathroom is knowing how to ask for directions to it in any iTranslate not only provides a translation to over 50 different languages, but you can also listen to the translations of over 20 of those languages. This makes it easier to hold a conversation when you are completely murdering the pronunciation.
  • Google Translate – includes take picture of sign – it will translate
  • Dictionaries (Codore)

Currency convertors

  • XE Currency – converting dollar amounts into any The XE Currency app not only downloads the current conversion for the currencies of the world, it will also store the latest one for use in offline mode.

Driving Aids

  • iExit – find hotels, restaurants, gas stations – w/in 1.5 mi of the next 100


  • Waze – uses live reports from drivers to display traffic
  • Beat the Traffic – Free Version and Premium Version, recommended by AARP,
  • Gas Buddy – IPhone, recommended by AARP
  • Google Navigation – includes live traffic reports from
  • Citymapper – builds on user feedback to map cities, subway and bus routes and live
  • SitOrSquat (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android, BlackBerry; free). The user-generated content of this restroom finder is the ultimate resource for when you gotta go when you’re on the go. “Depending on where you live in the country, this is incredibly useful. I’m in New York City a lot, and I use this all the time,” Webb says. An independent group began compiling the data several years ago, but the app was recently acquired by Charmin, which accounts for the prominent toilet paper branding. Contributors often include information on operating hours and sometimes post photos of the facilities.


  • GateGuru – notifies of gate changes; also has maps/lists of amenities at major airports; reviews of food
  • Flight Aware
  • Flight View

Other: LOTS of similar apps.


All kinds of booking apps for hotels/restaurants; lots of customer review sites – TripAdvisor; Yelp, etc.


  • The Weather Channel
  • Underground Weather

Others: LOTS

  • Tides Near Me
  • Sail Flow – Find wind conditions
  • Smart Buoy – Iphone only – Get weather conditions from NOAA buoys
  • Weather
  • Dark Sky – Weather Radar specifically for rain within the hour – $2.99
  • Weather Bug – Weather forecasts – Free and premium information
  • Intellicast – Weather forecasts and radar – Premium app for boating


QR Readers

  • Scan

Comparison Shop

  • PriceBlink – check for lower prices and coupons when shopping
  • ShopKick – find deals in stores
  • Vivino (and Delectable) – take photo of wine bottle label – get basic info about the wine, post and read reviews


Use as payment device – Apple Pay Track cash expenditures – Cash Trails

Practice your vocal part on a piano – Piano Free

Stream live video via Twitter account from your location – Meerkat or Periscope

ID birds and birdsongs – Peterson Birds– Free version and Premium Version. Also Merlin Bird ID. Use device’s LED light to magnify and illuminate small print – Eye Reader ($1.99).

Use as a compass – The Compass for iPad ($1.99) Use as a Flashlight – Flashlight

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