January 2014 Newsletter

NL 01-14-FNL

“Storage Media, Interfaces, and Backups”.  Rob Mink, President of the NNCUG, presented a talk on types of storage media available for backup, information on computer interfaces, and strategies for backing up data.  Rob noted that punch cards are considered to be an obsolete form of data storage!

“Tablet SIG”.  The SIG will meet on January 21, at the Lancaster Community Library (LCL) to explore basics for using tablets that people may have received as a holiday gift.

“January Photo SIG Meeting”.  The SIG will meet on January 14 at the LCL.  This meeting will be devoted to learning how to cut photo mats.  Bring your photos, tools and materials to join in, or share with others.  This meeting will support the SIG in preparation for its February show at the LCL.  Bring your laptop to follow along.  Also bring photos that you wish to share with the group.

“Nomination Search Committee”.  NNCUG needs a Search Committee to prepare a slate of Officers for 2014-15.  If you are interested in serving on the Committee or running for an office, please contact Rob Mink, President, ASAP!

“STILL WANTED – Newsletter Editor”.  Bruce Mc Millan, Editor, is “retiring” as editor, effective March 1, 2014.   Editor wanted and needed for this fun job!

“Get Plain Text”.  Read about a simple to use free program called Get Plain Text.  As its name implies, it will strip all formating from text copied from a web page.  Easy to use.

“Internet as an Information Resource”.  Brian Riley will speak at the January 18 Membership Meeting on using the Internet as an Information Resource.  This is the first of a three part series.  Yes, the Yellow Pages are no longer king!!

“December 2013 Meeting Notes”.  What happened at the December Membership Meeting.

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