If you don't know computers, you need us;  If you do know computers we need you.

If you don’t know computers, you need us;  If you do know computers we need you.

Next Meeting: Saturday August 20th 10:00 a.m.

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August Meeting Topic: TBA


Google Nik

The Google Nik Collection is now FREE.  Rumor has it that Google is discontinuing work on it to focus on Mobile apps, but the fact remains that these tools that were formerly over $500 are now available for free.

These are add-ins for Photoshop, Lightroom, and, yes, Elements version 9 and above.  (Note: The HDR tools do not work in elements, everything else does.

Click on the picture above to go to the download page.

Free software for organizing Photos

FastStone – BJ demonstrated this at the meeting.


Click on Picture for Details

Upcoming Meetings of the Computer Genealogy Group.

Each meeting will be held at 1 P.M. in the Auditorium at Rappahannock Westminster-Canterbury in Irvington.

Genealogy Meeting Notice

Thursday July 14, 2016

1PM Auditorium

Rappahannock Westminster-Canterbury

Irvington, VA


DNA testing is becoming increasingly more common amongst those interested in family history. Until recently testing company databases had limited results from others to which to compare your DNA. The issues were compounded further since the data from different testing companies was difficult to compare. The presenter for this program will discuss third party resources, both books and websites, for understanding your results. You will learn how to use spreadsheets to share your DNA information with others and how to use GEDMATCH to compare raw data between testing companies. The presentation will touch briefly on using triangulation using known types between two people to confirm a relationship to a third. There will be a handout for notetaking based on the slides.

Hope you will attend.

More Genealogy notes and announcements can be found here

The Tablet SIG

will be meeting at 9:00 a.m. before the NNCUG regular meeting on Saturday, March  19th at Westminster-Canterbury.   It will include hands-on help, Q&A, and sharing info about what new apps you’ve discovered.

Photo SIG

Next meeting: Tuesday, August 9th at the new Lancaster Library.

we will work on the wonderful photos we’ve taken on the run with our devices which take pictures–kindles, cell phones etc. .  we’ll talk about in “camera” editing, downloading images to our computers for editing and storage, etc.
so bring your devices, whatever method you have of downloading (USB) and your laptop.
the pics I’ve seen taken with phones are extraordinary and deserve to be saved for enjoyment in years to come.  bring a friend too.

Click here for the July 2016 edition of the newsletter. Older editions can be found under “newsletters” on the menu at the top of the page.

If You Don’t Want to Upgrade to Windows 10

Microsoft is making it increasingly difficult to avoid updating a Windows 7 or 9 (um 8, whatever 😉 )  machine to Windows 10.  The files to do so have probably already been downloaded, and are taking around 8 GB of disk space in a hidden directory.

In addition, Microsoft will be changing the priority of the Windows 10 install from “optional” to “recommended” in January.  This means that with default Update settings, it will install.

If you want to stop this behavior, there is a free program called GWX control panel that will do this.  It installs easily, and the features are self-explanatory.

It is available here

You can still upgrade later if you decide you want to, this isn’t an irreversible process.  While the program is free, the author does accept donations.

I have used GWX control panel on my Workstation, and it works as advertised.  No PUPS, adware, or anything else unsavory come with it.

Windows 10 is available as a free upgrade until July 2016


 Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurers report is included in each month’s issue of the computer link which is available on the menu at the top of this page.

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April Meeting

16 April, 2016

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